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eAudio:Is there a doctor here? : an omnibus / Alex Rudd.:2020 Is there a doctor here? : an omnibus / Alex Rudd.
Author: Rudd, Alex,
Author: Blaxland, Frazer,
Author: Rudd, Alex.
Author: Rudd, Alex.
Publication year: 2020
Language: English
Media class: eAudio
Classification: 610.92
Resource type: Electronic
ISBN: 9781528887250 (audio download) :
London call-out -- Doctor in the house.
Additional information: 1 online resource (audio files (325 min.)) : digital, stereo
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A man who has injured himself trying out his girlfriend's waxing treatment. The inimitable curiosity of a boy whose cactus has left his hand in a mess. More Googled self-diagnoses than one can count. These are the cases that Rudd faces daily. As hilarious as they are poignant, the memoirs showcase some of the most baffling, as well as heart-breaking, stories that any doctor and their patients have had to experience. Alex Rudd is a GP who now works as a locum in a variety of surgeries in London and the rest of the country. His name has been changed to protect the identity of his patients and colleagues. This omnibus contains Rudd's two bestselling memoirs.

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