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Book:Monkey ?uzzler / Phil Tomlinson.:2014 Monkey ?uzzler / Phil Tomlinson.
Author: Tomlinson, Phil (Fiction writer),
Publication year: 2014
Language: English
Media class: Book
Classification: 823.92
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 9781783063956 (pbk.) :
Includes QR code.
'Monkey Puzzler' follows young heroine, Zoe Marshall, as she challenges the strange occurrences in her hometown, Cristelee. In this sequel to 'The Soul Snatcher', Zoe is trying to write an essay when she comes across a strange story in the local newspaper. She is certain she has seen the article before. Meanwhile, Bob Waterhouse - following a traumatic encounter with monkeys and a lion in the local safari park - is offered a job as sales representative by a mysterious but charming stranger, Zak Araz, who seems to know all about Bob's life. Bob begins his door-to-door selling with a special offer courtesy of Mr Araz, a free computer game. When Zoe's family plays the game, she notices a change in their behaviour as if they were being controlled. After a night out with a friend Zoe realises that a spell has been cast on the town. Puzzled by her brainwashed community, she sets out to find answers.
Additional information: 194 pages ; 20 cm
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